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5 Cheap Fixies Worth Your Money

If you're in the market for a cheap fixie and want to take a quick look at some cheap fixies in the market available today you've come to the right place. Cheap fixies can be a fantastic way to get a solid daily ride at a price that doesn't hurt the bank. And, regardless of your preferences, we know for a fact that no matter how much you're willing to spend you'd want to get a bike that's good quality (relative to the price of course).


And so, we’ve put together an article for our readers that will inform them about 5 cheap fixies available in the market today that we think is worth your money.


If you'd like to take a look at our full selection of fixie bikes click here.


6KU Fixie


The 6KU Fixie has made a few of our lists before and it’s going to make its appearance here once again.


The bike delivers on numerous fronts:


The 6KU Fixie is on sale for $229 with free shipping making it competitively priced. It has exceptional quality control thanks to it being manufactured entirely in California. And, to back that claim up 6KU offers a competitive warranty which entails the following:


The frame will be protected under the warranty for the duration of the owner’s life for any manufacturer defects… I mean that’s pretty impressive but what would be even more impressive is if 6KU gets a warranty claim for one of their bikes 25 years down the road for some frame defect. Sounds a bit extreme but I’m sure it’ll happen and when it does it’ll definitely be memorable!

The rest of the parts are covered under a one-year warranty including things like frame fixtures and finishes as well the fork.


The bike is equipped with a Hi-Ten Steel frame that’s fully tig welded that makes your city riding quite a bit more enjoyable. The steel frame soaks up the bumps and smoothens your ride making it much more comfortable (hi-ten steel bikes exhibit this feature making them very practical daily rides).


Additionally, the bike comes with a bunch of colors to fit your style. And the manufacturer is dedicated to improving their bike year in year out. Like just this year they added a rear brake to their bikes due to customer demand. This is a bike that we can confidently say that it’s worth the money. This is one fixie from our cheap fixies list that we would definitely recommend checking out.


Check out the 6KU Steel Fixed Gear Bike by clicking the link:


If you'd like an in-depth review of the 6KU Fixie click here.

The 6KU Dallas - Single Speed Bike in Metallic Amber/Black

6KU fixies The Dallas fixed gear bike with flip-flop hub


6KU Beach Bum - Single Speed Bike In Matte Black/Celestial Teal

6KU Fixie Cheap Fixies Beach Bum

Golden Cycles 'Golden Series' Fixed Gear Bike


The Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike is a new cheap fixie in the market made by Golden Cycles. This brand has just established themselves in the past year or so, but they've already done well to get themselves out there in the cheap fixies market.


The new guys do have something to offer, and most of it comes in stylistic differences. The underlying advantage that the Golden Cycles offers over their competitors is really just style. Whether you like their color combinations a bit more than the others, or if you prefer the way the saddle looks, or whether you want a bike that only has front breaks like the Golden Cycles Fixie does deliver.


These small differences are the key differences that you'll have to take into consideration purchasing your new bike. When you have numerous brands with similar bikes at the same price range, the small differences is what really makes a buyer like yourself purchase one over the other.


Additionally, comparing the spec sheet between the two you’ll notice that they’re very similar in specs. But, not only are they similar in specs but the pricing is also really close. The Golden Cycles Fixie comes in at $249 and is offered with free shipping. Another fixie part of our cheap fixies list that might fit the bill.


If you'd like to learn more about the bike and its specifications click here: Golden Series Fixed gear Bike

The Golden Series Fixed Gear Bike in Celeste/Black

Golden Series Cheap Fixies Celeste/Black

 Vilano Attack & Edge Fixed Gear Track Bike


We've decided to include two bikes under the same heading because they’re essentially identical. Just one comes equipped with bullhorn handlebars and one with dropdown bars. So it’s just a matter of preference with regards to your riding style that’ll differentiate the two. Aside from that, the components are exactly the same on the two bikes.


Furthermore, what sets these two cheap fixies apart from the others is that they’re made to incorporate some speed into the regular mix of affordability and comfort. Essentially, the bikes are made to be used in your daily ride but still have some viability on the track. Of course, at this price range you’re not going to get anything serious for the track, but for occasional fun rides at the track, it will perform just fine.


Enthusiasts who are really looking for a lot of speed to destroy the track and their daily ride can check out the following link (6061 Black Label): State Bicycle Co. 6061 Series Black Label Track/Urban City Bike


Some components that make these two cheap fixies stand out are the following:


The flip-flop hub (with the cog and freewheel) allows you to ride the bike in single speed or fixed gear by flipping the wheel.

The fork & the track-style frame is made with hi-ten steel that is tig-welded.

And the bike comes with free platform pedals.


All in all, the bike(s) are a solid choice for urban commuters looking for a little bit more than just a standard daily commuter and retails at $279.


If you'd like to learn more about these two bikes check out the following Link for both the Vilano Edge and Attack


6KU Urban Track Bike


Speaking of track bikes, one of my personal favorites -  6KU Urban track bike made the list. This track bike is one of my favorite fixies out of this cheap fixies list. Perhaps I’m biased (like I usually am when it comes to bikes I’ve owned), but I’ve genuinely been impressed with this bike (when compared to other bikes at similar prices). Now if you compare this bike to say the State Bicycle Co.’s Black Label... well then it doesn’t come close, but the Black Label is about $400 more, so we have that.


The frame is upgraded to a 6061 double-butted alloy w/smooth welding, making it faster and lighter than other options listed here. Additionally, the fork is also 1 1/8” integrated alloy, upgrading from steel whereas most other bikes are equipped with steel forks in this price range.


And, this bike comes with the same warranty that backs up the 6KU Fixie we talked about earlier.


Essentially, if you’re after speed but also want a bike that’s practical enough for daily riding than the 6KU Urban Track Bike is something I’d recommend checking out. The bike is lighter than most other options available here thanks to its mostly aluminum build making it easier for storage and carrying if that was ever a worry. The bike is currently on sale for $279 with free shipping.

To learn more about the 6KU Urban Track Bike click here.

The 6KU Urban Track Bike in Matte Black


Micargi Prestigio


The Micargi Prestigio is a bike that we really haven’t talked about much. But I think it deserves more credit than it gets.


The bike is equipped with a Micargi 700C 6061 Aluminum Frame, and numerous other aluminum parts are making it lighter than the other offerings.


Additionally, the body of the bike is a little bit shorter than some of the other options here, which can make the bike feel more nimble and agile. So if you’re someone that really wants your bike to feel “snappy” on your daily commute take a look at the Micargi Prestigio, it may be the cheap fixie you’re looking for.


Just a quick note, however, the warranty on this bike is essentially a case to case basis where the manufacturer will decide whether or not they’ll cover it or the customer will have to pay for an exchange of a part.


In essence, it isn’t as comprehensive as the 6KU Fixie. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t cross it out as a potential purchasing option, but this is something to take into consideration. The bike is currently on sale for $269.

Learn more about the Presitigo here.


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