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5 Fixed Gear Bikes You Need to Check Out Before Buying


Countless options… make buying decisions complicated and time-consuming. 

So to simplify the buying process we’ve compiled a list of 5 Fixed Gear Bikes that we think will suit the needs of most fixie buyers like yourself today.


Some quick points that you should take into consideration before reading:  

1: If you’re looking for a fixed gear bike that is priced over $1,000 this, sadly this isn’t the guide for you (we may make one in the future, though!). We’re trying to focus on bikes that the average consumer is probably looking for. Bikes that are great for everyday practicality and maybe incorporate a bit of speed in their rides.

2: This list will be updated every few months or so, so the information (and our opinions) may change a few months from now. So what we think today is a necessary “must have” may not be tomorrow. Nonetheless, all of the options we present are great options so you won’t be getting a bad bike by any means even if we may add or remove a bike in this list in the future.


So without further ado, here are the five fixed gear bikes that we think you need to check out before buying:

1. 6KU Fixie


Link to 6KU Fixie Bikes

The 6KU fixie is a bike made by a brand that we think has been around long enough in the marketplace to get a feel for. And we believe the brand and the bike has delivered.

Every year 6KU makes small adjustments to their bikes based on customer feedback to better the bike. Some of which include adding an additional brake (making it so that the bike has both a front and rear brake) and increasing the number of color options that customers such as yourself have the option of purchasing.

The core experience of the bike has remained the same. The bike was built for the urban rider looking for an economical transportation solution, or just something not too expensive for casual rides and working out. They’ve focused their efforts on getting the essentials right (at least what we believe to be the essentials). Which include providing the customer with a quality comfortable ride, durability, and everyday practicality.

6KU has used a steel frame (fully tig-welded) to build this bike. And the steel frame ensures that the rider will experience a smooth ride thanks to its ability to absorb the roads vibrations. The 6KU Fixie retails for $229 (link) with free shipping, comes with a solid warranty, and provides you the customer with numerous color options allowing you to choose one that resonates with your style.


The warranty secures specifically the following parts:

1: Lifetime warranty for the frame against manufacturing defects

2: One-year warranty on all other components including frame fixtures and finishes (paint and decals) and forks.

We personally applaud 6KU for providing their customers with lifetime support on their frames. A display of confidence in the quality of their components no doubt. Some of you may also be pleasantly surprised to learn that the entire bike is built here in the U.S. more specifically, in California. This is another means of attempting to provide their customers with superior quality control.

We believe this is an economical fixie that doesn’t skimp on quality or warranty. If you’re in the market for a fixie we definitely recommend checking this one out: 6KU Fixie Nebula-1 Matte Black

2. State bicycle 4130 Core Line


State Bicycle Co. Core Line

If you’re looking for an even smoother ride, even greater quality, better looks (of course – opinion based), and a responsive and fast ride… take a look at the State Bicycle Co.’s 4130 Core line. 
State Bicycle Co has created an iconic product with their Core Line. It’s become the most popular bike that they sell by far (well it is called the “core line” for a reason) and currently retails for $449 with free shipping.

Being the very first bike they’ve created, it has gone through numerous iterations and has improved its design and components considerably since its debut. But just like the 6KU fixie, the core purpose of the bike has remained the same – a sound choice for urban riders looking for a quality fixie. In fact, this core principle has been continually improved on since.

Some of the most important upgrades that have been recently implemented in the Core Line are:

1: New Double-butted 4130 Chromoly Steel Frame: The new frame adds durability and corrosion resistance over the previous frame. The Double-butted frame only weighs a bit more than its aluminum counterpart, but perhaps more importantly, provides an even smoother ride thanks to its ability to absorb road bumps.

2: Sealed Bearing-Hubs – Smoother, more durable, and last longer in comparison to unsealed hubs

3: Wider Wheels

To learn more about its most recent upgrades click the following link and scroll down to its product description: State Bicycle Co. Core Line Fixie The Matte 5 

To keep things fresh with their customers State Bicycle Co. constantly changes their bike designs around making all of the designs essentially limited edition. There’s no guarantee that a design available today will be available tomorrow. Now granted, some common colors like Matte Black are quite iconic and are likely not going anywhere anytime soon. But others are not so secure. It keeps things fresh for the company and for the customers.


State Bicycle Co. Core Line Fixie The Rutherford


Check out the State Bicycle Co. Core Line Fixie The Rutherford

State Bicycle Co. Core Line Fixie The Trooper 4.0

fixed gear bike Trooper 4.0 State Bicycle

Check out the State Bicycle Co. Core Line Fixie The Trooper 4.0

This bike (like the 6KU Fixie) is again very popular with urban riders. And to be fair, most bikes that we’re going to discuss are built for the urban environment. It's where most fixies excel. The practicality, easy maintenance, light weight, and economical cost coupled with a quality ride make them a solid choice amongst buyers (such as yourself).

Oh, and before we forget, for those of you who are worried about whether or not you’ll be able to coast on this bike (you have nothing to worry about), you can easily switch between fixed gear or single speed.


3. 6KU Urban Track



If your budget range is close to that of the 6KU Fixie but you’re looking for that something extra in your daily ride – and that something extra is speed… Check out the 6KU Urban Track.

The 6KU Urban track was made for those looking for a solid, affordable track bike, but still wanted to retain that every-day practicality that the regular 6KU Fixie provided.  It currently retails for $279 and comes with free shipping, so you’ll be paying about 50 more bucks for that extra speed and track practicality.

A key change that is important for buyers to note is that the frame for the Urban Track is equipped with an aluminum frame instead of a steel frame.

What you’ll sacrifice in some ride quality/comfort and some durability you’ll gain in speed & responsiveness. And, aside from the looks (picture below) that’s one of the key reasons you’d take this bike over the regular fixie anyways. You would likely be looking to take your bike to the track (or just race your friends) once in a while, but still be looking to have that daily practicality… kind of like a sports car that has everyday use.

6KU doesn’t skimp on materials either. They include a double butted 6061 alloy frame w/smooth welding. So, while you will (like we stated earlier) experience slightly less ride comfort and durability, it is by no means going to be a poor experience. You still have an excellent fixie backed by the same warranty that backs the regular 6KU fixed gear bike. You’ll also have a slightly lighter bike so if weight was a concern. So storage and carrying the bike around will be a tad bit easier as well.

Other components include:

1: Front & rear forged alloy brakes
2: 700 x 25C Kenda tires
3: A synthetic leather saddle
4: And BMX platform pedals

For a full component list click hereUrban Track

Like the previous 6KU fixie, it comes in a variety of sizes that accommodate all sorts of riders and numerous color options as most customers have come to expect.


4. 6061 Black Label State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear Bike


State Bicycle Co. 6061 Black Label Matte Red

I’m (Calvin) am going to be a bit honest and say I may be a little biased when it comes to this bike. This bike is exhilarating, fast, and has killer looks… Only downside, comes with a slightly larger price tag at $759 (with free shipping of course... at this price who wouldn’t expect free shipping).

I kid you not when I say this bike is fast. I’ve ridden a bunch of fixies before, and very few fixies come close to the speed this bike offers. The bike is really light so it may take you a bit of getting used to (18lbs). The acceleration is naturally quick, and getting up to your desired speed is quick.

It has practicality for daily use too. It comes with a durable 6061 Aluminum frame that is double butted and tig-welded. Includes both front & rear brakes (one wouldn’t be enough to stop this monster). And, comes with a flip-flop hub, so that you can ride it as a single speed or as a pure fixed gear bike.


Some other components you may want to know about:

1: Equipped with an Essor USA carbon fiber fork + steer tube

2: Comes with a premium aerodynamic race saddle

3: Includes alloy pedals w/ toe cages


Full spec sheet available on product page here: State Bicycle Co. 6061 Black Label

The bike comes with a variety of colors ranging from matte black (has an imposing stealthy look) all the way to hot pink (for those looking to stand out from the crowd). And, if you already own a Black Label, you can always pick up another frame to change the color of the frame if you want. I think I can speak on behalf of all of us (at Roadbikecity) that this is one fun bike...

6061 black label state bicycle fixed gear bikes

State Bicycle Co. 6061 Black Label Matte Black


5. 6KU Coaster Brake City Bike


6KU Coaster Brake City Bike Harding Matte Black

We thought we might throw in something for you beach lovers out there. A fixie with (again) everyday practicality, but made for the beach! It might sound weird, but it’s actually a really nice combination. Now most of us don’t necessarily visit the beach every single day, but some of us do like to cruise around the beach once or twice a week.

And, the 6KU Coaster Fixie was literally made for that purpose.

It comes equipped with a Hi-Tensile steel frame, which is good for absorbing road bumps and smoothing out the ride (like its regular fixie counterpart). And, you’ll get a slightly more upright seating position with the coaster. If you prefer to ride a bit slower and enjoy the scenery while you’re at it, this may be a better choice for you over the regular 6KU Fixie.

Just remember that the regular 6KU fixie has slightly better components. But what this lacks in components albeit a little bit it makes up for in the “lack of price.” Though they’re fairly similar an example is the frame of the regular 6KU Fixie being fully tig-welded.

The 6KU Hyde Coaster Brake City Bike retails for $179.


For color options there’s just two available as of now which are the following:

1: Harding – Matte Black

2: Hyde – Grey Polish

If you want to personalize your fixie or just happen to want that shiny red color, the regular 6KU fixie is probably going to be the better option amongst these two.

If you’d like to learn more about the components click here: 6KU Coaster Brake City Bike


We tried our best here to throw in a little something for everyone, and include bikes that we think most buyers would find suitable for their needs. We may expand this list in the future and change some bikes around as we assess the market for other “must check-outs.”

If you think we left out a fixie that’s a must-have leave a comment down below and we’ll take a look!

Additionally, if you’ve come all the way through this guide and decided that a fixie just isn’t right for you and happen to want to check out a budget road bike, check out this post:

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