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5 Reasons a Folding Bicycle is right for New York City

Space is at a premium in New York City
and a high-quality folding bicycle offers commuters agility, speed, and convenience as they weave their way through the traffic of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

The modern businessman and businesswoman doesn't have time to waste parking their car, waiting for the subway or hailing a cab and that’s why so many young professionals in New York are investing in inexpensive, environmentally conscious folding bicycles. Even electric folding bikes have made it to the scene and are making their mark as an environmentally friendly, space-conscious choice for consumers.




The X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle is a bicycle on the market that actively contributes to this movement.




Here’s our list of the top five reasons a folding bicycle is perfect for New York’s fast-paced lifestyle:

1. Flexibility: If you bike to work in the morning and an unexpected rainstorm rolls into Manhattan at the end of the day your folding bicycle allows you to seek cover in a cab or on New York’s subways. Within seconds your bike will collapse, making it easy to tuck under your arm, stow in a trunk or carry across a crowded subway platform.

2. Agility: Bicycling in New York can be a blast but keeping pace with the city’s notorious traffic requires a bike that has powerful breaks and allows for rapid acceleration. The ratio of wheel diameter to brake-size on most folding bicycles offers riders serious stopping power and with their elevated seat and handlebars, these bikes allow you to nimbly weave through New York traffic.

3. Convenience: No matter where you live or work in New York, these portable bikes offer riders unparalleled convenience – allowing you to park your bike outside or carry it into an elevator, office or apartment.

4. Budget-Friendly: Unlike more expensive solid-frame bikes, folding bicycles are the perfect choice for New Yorkers on a tight budget. For the price of a couple of cab rides you can own a fantastic, sturdy new folding bicycle, zipping through New York’s crowded streets and avoiding frustrating traffic.

5. Healthy Living: Not only is riding a folding bicycle great for your body, it’s good for your planet and everyone else in New York. Do your part to cut down on the city’s carbon footprint and reduce unhealthy emissions while you maintain your physique.

One bonus reason to explore New York on a folding bicycle is that it allows you to enjoy the energy of this vibrant city at street-level, feeling the pulse and texture of your community and taking full advantage of this dynamic urban playground.


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