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6ku Bike Review

This review is for you if you're thinking about getting a 6ku bike. We purchased a 6ku bike for reviews and demonstration, and after a few months of riding it around, testing it out, pushing it to the limits, I wrote down some of my thoughts about it.

The 6ku bike is really fun to ride. The first thing I noticed about this bike when I got on it is the responsiveness to leaning. The steeper head tube angle makes it respond more to leaning. If you lean right, the bike quickly goes right and even if you lean a little bit, the bike turns a lot.

This can make for an unusual experience at first, but over time it actually becomes really fun to ride. When you're going fast into a turn on a fixie with a conventional head tube angle, sometimes it's necessary to turn the handlebars along with the lean. This can make for a less controlled turn and can slow momentum. However, with the 6ku bike, the bike quickly turns with your lean, so all you have to focus on is leaning into the turn and the bike goes right with you. You can hit turns going way faster than before, and make them look clean. You won't lose momentum with the 6ku like other fixie bikes.

The steeper head tube angle sets the bike apart from the rest, for sure, but there are other elements of this bike that make it more fun to ride. The platform pedals that it comes with, for instance, make it easier to mount and dismount the bike, and while riding, they make for a more balanced and controlled ride.

Also the bike comes stock with riser bars and oury grips that make steering easy, however I would suggest an upgrade to bullhorn or pursuit bars, or even pista bars if that's what you're into. My thought is that if this bike is built for racing, then you'll need bars that will provide a more bent-0ver riding position. With pista bars, for instance, you can put your hands really low, and put all your energy into propelling the bike forward.

The other great part about this bike is that it comes with thicker 28c tires for doing tricks, getting more grip on the road, and absorbing the concrete better. This gives the rider a much more tolerable riding experience. With thicker tires, you can jump down curbs without worrying about blowing a tube, or you can even do bunny hops up and down obstacles pretty efficiently with a much better chance of withstanding the shock.

The 6ku bike offers an amazing riding experience, and can take you where you want to go, fast. With a couple small upgrades and tweaks, this bike is one of the best on the market today, for the price.

Speaking of price, this bike is available from only $229 with free shipping. 

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