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6KU Fixie – 7 Reasons It’s the Best Budget Fixie

The 6KU fixie (the regular series) is what we believe to be one of the best budget fixies available in the market today.


The bike delivers in affordability, reliability, warranty, quality control, comfort and everyday practicality. Basically, the bike delivers on a bunch of key areas that we’re going to explore in this blog. If by the end of the blog you feel as if you're looking for something extra, or if the 6KU fixed gear bike doesn't really fit the bill, check out the link provided.


So with that being said, let's dive right into the 7 reasons why we believe the 6KU fixie is one of the best budget bikes on the market! 


Note: If you're here to take a look at the general 6KU line up click here to see the fixie line up: All available 6KU Fixies (with current sales)

And click here if you'd like to take a look at the road and city line-up: All available 6KU Road & City Bikes (with current sales)

Solid Manufacturing Quality Control 


There has been a lot of talk on how manufacturing location can affect the quality of the end product. And, we've found that it indeed is true to an extent of course (as with all things). What we've found is that most manufacturers in today's day and age (for bicycles) generally produce their bikes outside of the United States. While we cannot criticize them for making that decision (as it makes sense often times from a business front), we do happen to appreciate the fact that 6KU has actively made an effort to produce their products right here in the U.S. more specifically, in California.


Our experience with working with the brand for numerous years have led us to confidently conclude that the 6KU fixie is produced with exceptional quality control. The 6KU fixed gear bike has had in our experience some of the lowest manufacturing defect rate across all the bikes we sell. We've sold numerous brands in the past, and we're not suggesting that other brands are manufactured with poor quality. No, what we're suggesting is that 6KU had simply done an exceptional job on this front. Other companies that we've noticed that also do an exceptional job with quality control is the State Bicycle Co. brand and many others.


Further down the article, we will explore how they demonstrate the confidence in their products by providing customers with a solid warranty.


Wide Selection of Styles & Sizes


For a bike (like the 6KU fixie) to be considered one of the "best" in its field providing the consumer with the choice of numerous sizes and colors is essential. No consumer likes to be limited in their option but then again we also know that too many options can be overwhelming at times for the busy consumers in today's word. Nonetheless, we believe that the 6KU fixie lineup is a solid line up that caters to most fixie buyers desires. 


As of right now the 6KU fixie comes in the following sizes which range from sizes catering to kids, to the tallest of us: The sizes available are 42cm, 49cm, 52cm, 55cm, and 58cm. 

If you'd like to see a more detailed look at what size would be right for you, click any image below (or the link inserted in this sentence which will take you to the 6KU fixie in gloss white with white tires) which will show you a detailed graph recommending you your correct size.


Furthermore, to showcase our point in how 6KU attempts to cater to the consumers needs best it can, we're going to show you some of the styles available today. Note that these links will take you to individual product pages, if you'd like to see the entire link up click the following link: Fixed gear bikes - 6KU Fixie


The 6KU Single Speed Bike in Metallic Amber/Black - The Dallas

6KU fixie The Dallas fixed gear bike with flip-flop hub


The 6KU Single Speed Bike in Matte Black Full - Nebula-1

The 6KU Single Speed Bike in Gloss Red/Black - The Cayenne

6KU Fixie The Cayenne

Smooth & Comfortable Ride 


Any bike that is worth being called one of the best needs to offer a decent ride to the rider. And, the 6KU fixie succeeds on this front. The smooth ride is here thanks to the fully tig-welded hi-tensile steel frame. This frame helps the bike absorb road bumps and vibrations and smoothens out the ride for you. Now a disadvantage with a steel frame is naturally they're heavier than their aluminum counterparts (and of course carbon and so forth). But some of the higher quality steel frames are not that much heavier, and they offer very smooth rides. 


These days most frames aren't too much heavier than their aluminum counterparts, though.


If you're really after a "higher end" steel fixie that is even smoother than the 6KU fixie, the State Bicycle Co. 4130 Core Line that retails for $449 will fit the bill. However, it does cost more than the 6KU. But we do have some promotions running for that bike if you'd like to check it out.


6KU does offer some alternatives to the 6KU fixie that offers the same smooth and comfortable ride which is what people generally look for on their daily commutes. Namely, the 6KU City Bike which retails from $299 -$429 depending on the model. Additionally, the higher end model also features a 4130 double butted Chromoly steel frame which provides you with a boost in comfort, smoothness, and durability.


In conclusion, the 6KU fixie the smoothness and comfort of the ride has always been and always will be a key selling point for these bikes.


6KU Fixie is Easy to assemble


A fairly self-explanatory title. The assembly process for this bike is nice and easy to follow for beginners. Additionally, there’s always support on standby if you ever happen to need some assistance. Of course, you always have the option to take it to your nearest bike shop if you’d like to get it assembled by a professional.


A solid guide is going to be provided with the bike to help make the assembly easier. Additionally, the bike comes about 90% assembled so the assembly isn't too difficult. A lot of bikes these days come 90% assembled and the 6KU fixie is no different in that regard. Making assembly easier and more streamlined has always been a goal for manufacturers and online retailers to make the task of putting together the bike a less daunting task (and making the option to purchase online increasingly more viable and easy).



The Bike is Light (Relatively), Fast & Quiet


The word relatively was included in the sub-heading because the 6KU fixie is relatively light when compared to its competitors in the same "class" so to speak. But if we compare it to say the 6KU Track Bike, which is in a way its elder sibling. Well then making the statement that the 6KU fixie is light doesn't really hold any ground.


The bike holds up well in quietness and speed. It's nothing that'll destroy the track or any other bike that's made to go fast for that matter, but it'll get the job done when you need that extra burst of speed.

If you're after something fast you can check out the 6KU track bike like we've mentioned before, but if you're after something that's going to destroy the track and your daily commute then something like the 6061 Black Label by State Bicycle Co. is what you're after. Just be forewarned that these bikes do cost more and you won't necessarily be in the budget fixie range anymore. 


If you're someone who can't live without speed those bikes are worth checking out. But if you're just looking for decent speed on demand when you need it, and a quiet and relatively light bike, the 6KU fixie will suffice.



Backed by a Strong Warranty


We stated earlier in this article that their exceptional quality control was backed up by a fantastic warranty.  


Being bike dealers for some time now we’ve noticed that manufacturers that back their products up with strong warranties send out a sign to customers and dealers alike. It signifies that their products are reputable and of high-quality.


6KU offers a fairly simple and straightforward policy on their bikes which is the following:


The frame of the bike is going to be protected for the duration of the owner’s life for any manufacturer defects that may occur. The rest of the components on the bike are protected for a year. This includes things such as the frame fixtures and finishes as well as the fork.


Note: If you do happen to be a Roadbikecity customer with a 6KU fixie and have had a problem with any of the parts. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll try our best to get you replacement parts at the lowest possible cost (likely wholesale) as a thank you for choosing to do business with us.


Low Price


We haven't talked much about the price of the bike, but considering the way the blog's been set up I'm sure most of you have already clicked a link or two to check it out, or are suspecting the price to be quite low. And, if you did guess the price to be cheap you wouldn't be far off the mark. The bike currently retails for $229 with free shipping

For what it offers, I would be hard pressed to believe that it wouldn't be worth recommending to a customer looking for a solid but affordable daily ride.


If you've read this far and feel like this bike doesn't really suit you and want to check out a wider selection of available fixies from roadbikecity check out this post: 5 Fixed Gear Bikes You Need To Check Out Before Buying



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