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What Everybody Ought To Know About Fixed Gear Bikes

Fixed-gear bike or “Fixie" is simply a bike with drivetrains of one fixed gear at the back of the wheel meant to let the bike ride while still pedaling the bike in motion.

Fixie bikes rank among the simplest bikes being that they do not require shifters, derailleurs, any kind of chain-ring, and in some cases even brakes. Some of the skilled riders that possess the ability to stop with ease by simply by clutching back on the pedals.


Fixed gear bikes are fun!

The fixed-gear bike is unique in a way riders usually decorate their fixed-bikes, complementing the beauty with remarkable accessories and components, this is in addition to the smart simplicity of both the mechanism and exterior of the fixed-gear bikes. Furthermore fixie bikes in California falls in the categories of bikes that require less maintenance, fixies have proven to be a booming and attractive edging ingredient in cycling. It always feels fun to display collections of fixed gear bikes, which gives options.

Gear bikes gives a perfect connection between the rider and the bike. Most of the riders are very skilled that they can strike a good balance to allow them decelerate and stop without the brakes.


Fixie is just one gear!

Since the fixed gear bike has only one gear, it is always best to make the right choice, there is need to consider pedal and how fast you pedal, the location and purpose of riding, and your pleasure at riding. The fixed gear bicycle has a slight higher gear than usual; this is because of the added momentum and efficiency of the back wheel and fixed gear, keeping the pedals turning around. It’s easy to switch any frame to fixed-gear use, as long as it has horizontal dropouts this is to give room for tensioning the chain.


Fixed-gear is well built and gives perfect fitness

While riding at some locations such as the hill in California or other areas of the United States, the rider goes at an intensity that isn’t normally possible with a geared bike, this makes it possible for the rider to climb at a faster rate than with a geared bicycle. Fixies are normally lighter when compared with geared bikes, notwithstanding the steel frame, this is mostly as a result of the absence of dérailleurs, rear brake, extra sprockets, and shift levers. A perfect set up of the fixed gear bikes gives a flawlessly straight chain-line.


Why go with the fixed-gear bikes? “Fixies have proven to be the most efficient way a rider can track through various locations for different purposes. Most skilled riders have used fixies through various weathers. The fixed-gear bike provides the simplicity and wholesomeness in riding, expressed in both the clean lines of its design and its ride.”

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