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What is a Mountain Bike?

Apparent from the nomenclature
, a bike that is specially designed to ride on mountainous terrain is called a Mountain Bike (MTB). The abbreviation is MTB and such bikes are used for off-road biking like riding through woods, rocky trails, gravel, sandy and rough landscapes. Uniquely conceived and built to be sturdy, they rule the rugged terrains.


Understanding the Anatomy of a Mountain Bike

The Frame

Usually the basic ones are made of cro-moly or steel to add to their sturdiness and strength. The advance designs use aluminium or carbon fiber that does not rust so easily and is also much lighter. The most expensive and pro MTB’s have a titanium frame that can endure a lot more weight and have a lot more strength.


The Wheel
The tires of a MTB are wide and have knobs to give a better grip and adhesion to the surface; they are maintained at lesser air pressure for better traction. The other components of the wheel like the rim and spokes are built to be tough and strong too.


The Gears
These come with a huge range of gears (16-27) to enable rides over different surfaces; the really lower gears are good for up-hill steep rides. The crank and the rear wheel have special provisions to house the mechanisms of these many gears.

The Handlebars

The handlebars are flat and go straight all the way to the stem of the bike. This gives a broader grip almost equivalent to the shoulder width, so the rider has to hold an upright position while riding, thereby giving him a better view of what lies ahead and greater control on the track too.


The Pedals
They usually come with platform pedals that are of great help when the rider has to often put his feet down. Some pro-riders choose to have toe-clips or clipless pedals for a better hold.


Accessories for a MTB
Since the rider is usually far from the city and help he must be self-contained; the must haves on a ride are a frame pump, a cyclocomputer, a tool bag, a decently equip tool-kit, water bottle and a cage.

Types of Mountain Bikes

There are 4 different types of MTB based on their suspension system. A rigid bike is a low maintenance variant with no-suspension. A Hard tail has a suspension fork in the front but non at the back. A soft-suspension bike has a frame with some amount of rear suspension. A full-suspension has dual suspension for both back and front that enhances comforts and control. There are also four different types of dual-suspension MTB bikes that you will distinguish from according to the style of riding you do, those are: Cross-Country, for more even terrain, Trail, for ups and downs, Freeride, for stunt-riding, and Downhill, made specifically for taking the ski-lift up and riding the mountain down. These types of dual-suspension frames are built differently by changing the distance the suspension can travel, the size and width of the tires, the diameter of the brake rotor, and the change in the angle of the head tube.


Mountain Bikes usually have a straighter and a more erect frame and are built to be durable and tough to weather a lot of pressure and stress so that the biker can easily maneuver his way through the toughest of tracks with ease. So they are your true companions if your style is more off-the-beaten-track. If you'd like to take a look at our selection of mountain bikes click here to learn more:


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