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Pure Fix Review [VIDEO]

Fall colors now sorround us, and we have a fixie that fits right in. The Pure Fix Papa is a quality engineered fixed gear bike. The whole bike, from wheel to stem, handlebars to seat, are put together in a way that fits the needs of most bike commuters and looks good too. Pure Fix does a great job at putting quality components, on an entry level frame, to make a bike that will withstand the beating that an urban rider puts on it. We will breakdown this bike, component by component, in an easy-to-understand way so that you can make an informed decision when buying it. First, watch this video:

Pure Fix Cycles created the ultimate Fixie bike starting with the simplicity and elegance of an urban geometry frame and straight fork made from durable high tensile steel. While Hi-ten isn't the lightest or strongest steel, it is also the most affordable. Keeping this bike under $400, so you can use your hard earned cash to accessorize your mechanical steed.

A Neco threadless Headset holds Zoom riser handlebars with Oury grips on a Promax stem. Neco is known for making good quality components for a fraction of the cost of higher end component manufacturers. They will last through even the roughest of environments, as long as you treat them well and keep them clean. Zoom makes solid handlebars, so that you can trust your bike will turn when you need it. Oury grips are made in the United States, in such a way that the rubber is softer than normal grips, and grippier as well. With Oury grips you'll never lose your grip. Lastly the promax stem is solid and steady. It will last through years of abuse.

The classic Vader saddle gets the job done, without frills, and it keeps the weight down. If you're a light urban commuter, a heavy traffic breaker, or a path pursuit maniac, this saddle will hold your butt steady as you pound pavement. It's a style that makes it easy to form your legs to your pedals, and will be comfortable for any ride you take it on.


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