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Road Bike vs Fixie Bike Which One Should You Buy?

Before we get too far into the blog, we should start off by saying that between the two options – a traditional road bike versus a fixie bike, there is no real definitive answer most of the time. Everything, ultimately, comes down to preference. 


Now if your needs are very specific and you already know you’re going to need a road bike (or a fixie bike), then this blog isn’t going to be much of a help to you. Usually, individuals who are more into triathlons get a road bike. But, if you’re an average rider and are looking for a bike that is going to be suitable for you as the daily transporter or just some occasional exercise, we can help.

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There Is No Definitive Answer:

Unfortunately, like we stated because there is no definitive answer, but here is a quick list of some of the benefits that a fixed gear bike has to offer:


  • Fixed gear bikes are generally much cheaper and easier to maintain thanks to the bike having less parts such as a lack of gears.
  • You can potentially get more bike for less money as there are less components to put into the bike so manufacturers can put higher quality materials as a replacement. In other words, they tend to be cheaper than their road bike counterparts.


And, a quick list of some of the benefits a road bike can offer:


  • The road bike can be potentially faster thanks to the gears helping maximize your pedaling efficiency. You can adjust the gears while on the move to ensure that you’re in a gear that is best suited to the environment you’re in.
    • That being said it’s not fair to say that fixie bikes can’t be ridden very fast.
  • While adjusting gears can help you ride more ‘efficiently’ you won’t likely notice it unless you live in an area (or plan to ride in an area) with a lot of hills. Climbing hills on a single speed bike can be challenging if the hill is too steep. If not, you should be just fine.


Points that both styles of bike offer:


  • Riding either style of bike can be a comfortable option for daily riding, and both options are adequately fast.


So, which one is the right choice for you?


If you’re after a simple experience, and want to save a bit of money on maintenance and the bike itself a fixie bike may be for you.

If you want to manipulate the gears constantly while you ride according to your environment, then look into a road bike.


To get an in-depth explanation on some of the benefits of a fixie bike check out the following article: 7 Reasons Why Your Next Bike Should Be A Fixie Bike

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