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Single Speed Bikes Review

The single speed road bike is simply a bike that has a single gear part, having no derailleurs, and other gearing systems, the uniqueness of the single-speed bike lies in its simplicity and efficiency as well as its cost effectiveness nature.

Although the lack of options in the gear system makes it less versatile, however, one of single speed bike advantage is easy to maintain as you can quickly rejoin the chain in event of chain break.

Single speed bikes are one of the most reliable and durable for different events as they can ride through different obstacles. Single-speed bicycle has a built-in of just a single chain-ring located at the base of the bracket and a single sprocket at the back of the wheel. There is option to fit freewheel to single speed bikes to make it easier for the rider to ride and control the bike at his pace.

Why Single Speed Bicycle?


Painlessly efficient

The simplicity of the single speed bicycle makes it a standout. The singleness of the single-speed bike makes it easier to climb and ride devoid of several challenges in the mechanism of the bike chain from one sprocket (gear) to another. The direct mechanism of a single speed road bike allows for a smooth riding friction at the back of the chain rub, going at the direction between sprocket and the chain ring.


Very easy to maintain

The single speed road bikes or single speed mountain bikes requires less maintenance as there isn’t any derailleur or gear system needing frequent alteration: in the event of chain break, you can easily rejoin the chain without stress. Furthermore single-speed bike is easy to wash, as there isn’t much accumulation of drive train grime.

The brake

Brake is all about good control of the bikes movement, the braking of a single-speed bike is so unique as the speed of the single-speed bike is determined by how fast the rider is in spinning the pedal. 


Choosing single speed bike in California

The single speed bike will make you a much better rider as a mountain biker or any other biking event – yes, you should be a better rider. An opportunity to talk with someone who has vast experience with single speed bike, they will affirm that single speed bike makes them a better rider. This is the fact because there are no gears to fall back on, you will need to break through the more challenging phases of trail which definitely backs you a better rider any day, anytime.

You will obviously ask the drive for choosing single speed bike, but be sure to feel and get fitter and stronger in your development as a rider afterwards. You will definitely have to be prepared for what is ahead. Honestly the simplicity is just what makes it for me, just pedal and go.

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