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Zycle Fix Review [VIDEO]


Style, speed, and fun; That's what the fixed gear lifestyle is all about which while this review is all about Zycle Fix, take a look at State Bicycles too as they make some great lifestyle fixies! Zycle Fix is a Los Angeles based bicycle manufacturer that's all about the lifestyle. They're known for producing great quality fixed gear, city and road style bikes, along with aluminum track frames under their Throne brand, skateboards under their Mayhem brand, and mini-BMX bikes under the brand Fat-Boy. Their fixed gear lines consist of the base model, their entry-level track bike called the "Prime Series," and an FGFS model known as the "Cobra Series." Today we took a look at the base model, and specifically, the color-way called the "Black Cherry." We'll tell you about the way it's built, the components, and our opinion on how the bike holds up compared to the competition.

The Zycle Fix Black Cherry is built with a stable hi-tensile steel frame. Hi-tensile steel is a heavier, and less expensive form of steel used in the manufacturing of bicycles priced under $400. It's strong, yet heavier when compared to its counterpart, chromoly (an alloy of chromium and molybdenum). With that said, the Zycle Fix is well priced at $325 MSRP, and definitely delivers a fast ride.

The wheelsets are 700c (29"), deep-v / 45mm alloy painted, and they ride fast. The neat thing about the deep-v rims I like the most is the ability to show off some color! These red rims really POP in the day-light, and they are fairly light-weight so it doesn't weigh you down.

To go with the red rims on this bike, Zycle Fix puts red graphite handlebar tape around black "pursuit" bars, making it easy and fun to push hard and roll FAST!

The hubs are Joytech branded, and are the open-bearing style you see on less expensive fixed gear bikes these days. They hold up very well during normal use, but should be cleaned and lubed at least once a year or more depending on the climate you ride in.

The headset is a standard NECO 1-1/8" Threadless, which is perfect for both fast turns and steady riding. The bottom bracket cartridge is also made by NECO.

A ZF branded racing seat provides a great base to push from.

Wide bmx-style platform pedals make it easy to get on-and-off your bike. The chain is painted for a more expensive look. The frame has holders for two water bottle mounts. The bike comes with a rear brake only, but a front brake is optional and can be purchased with the bike. (*our pictures and video show a silver brake, but the stock bike comes with a black brake)

The rear cog is packaged with a single speed freewheel cog, and a fixed cog on the opposite side of the wheel. These are commonly called "Flip-Flop" hubs. This makes it easy to switch to fixed gear, if you please to. To do so, just removed the back wheel (you'll need a 15mm wrench for the axle bolts, and a 3 mm wrench for the chain tensioner), turn the wheel around, and put it back on.

Lastly the great thing about Zycle Fix bikes is the thicker 28c tires that come stock. These make the ride smoother, and offer more cushion when riding on rough streets or dirt roads.

All these components allow this bike to offer quality, fun-to-ride, fixed gear experience. Zycle fix is priced well against its competition, but I'd like to offer my guidance as to why that is.

Zycle fix is right up against Pure Fix, however, pure fix doesn't offer many of the benefits that zycle offers like color schemes and pursuit, pista, riser or drop bar options (without paying more). The Zycle is also a fairly similar bike to the 6KU bike, in the same way, but the 6KU bike is a very bare-bones fixed gear option, with just the essentials for light riding and without all the cool colors, handlebar styles, and without a rear brake. The best comparison of a step-up from the Zycle Fix bike, is the State Bike. The State bicycle base model comes with a Chromoly frame, sealed hubs, front, and rear brake, and the option of four different handlebar styles free of charge. The price tag is also an upgrade, $449 for the base model, not including additional options like a lock, lights, and a helmet. In my opinion, the Zycle Fix is the best deal for what you get. If you're looking for a fun, stylish, and smooth fixie to conquer your urban jungle, Zycle Fix is the brand to choose.

The truth is that riding a bike is great for your health, easy on your wallet, and like many things in life, it's more fun when you ride with friends. Just the fact that you're looking to get a new bike shows that you care about yourself, and you like to have fun, which is a testament to your fun-loving spirit and adventurous personality. We hope that this review and overview helped you make your decision about getting a new Zycle Fix bike. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can write an email to us anytime by filling out the form below.


Enjoy the ride!

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