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Zycle Fix Review

I purchased a Zycle Fix Green Forest Fixie Bike for review purposes last October, and have been having tons of fun riding it, filming, and taking pictures with the bike.  This is one of the best entry level fixie bikes that I've ever ridden. It's not hard to tell that Zycle Fix makes great bikes.

All the buzz around the company has got to be because of something right? It turns out that people talk about Zycle Fix bikes not just because they're made with more quality and care than competitive models, but because the people behind the brand put more time and energy into creating an experience for the consumer that is world-class.

The Zycle Fix bike is an amazingly smooth ride. It comes with wider 28c tires to absorb the impact of the roads, hopping up and down curbs, and doing tricks. The wide 700c road tires make this bike perfect for riding the streets and racing. It's also got deep dish rims that give it a sexy look and the quality to last years of abuse.

The pursuit handlebars that come stock with the bikes are perfect for getting the leverage you need to ride fast. It comes with a saddle that's ergonomically formed to fit your legs nicely, and is super comfortable even on long rides. The frame is of tough hi-tensile steel, which isn't the best, but is fine for entry level and intermediate riders.

Chormoly steel, the next step up in quality and strength, is usually more expensive, so it can be a turn off if your on a budget. This bike comes stock with a quando flip flop hub, and set to single speed so you can coast it while riding without any customization. It also comes with a rear brake, which is perfect for getting your skid on, if you're into that kind of thing. Riding this bike is so much fun because it can go super fast, and the gear ratio is perfect for obtaining 25-30 miles max and even climb up hills without too much trouble. Now that we've gone over the bike, lets talk about the brand that makes it.

Zycle Fix was established in the mid-2000's at the onset of the fixed gear revolution. Fixed gear bikes were the first type invented, but since the invention of gearing systems, fixed gear fell out of popularity with the masses. During the 80's and 90's, riding fixed gear was mainly for either bike messengers, or hipsters.

In the last decade, however, thanks to a revival of fixed gear racing, and some Hollywood movies based around the bikes, riding fixed gear has become popular among the masses again. Kids use their fixed gear bikes, called 'fixies', as a blank canvas for art.

They paint them, sticker them, put odd shaped and sized handlebars in place, super thick bmx tires, or wheels known as aerospoke which are made of super light and strong materials to get an aerodynamic edge against their racing competition. While fixed gear bikes remain most popular among teenargers and tweens, they are becoming more popular among road cycling racers again as a means to train in the off-season, and keep their pedaling cadence honed.

Zycle fix has moved into a growing market with a product that is made of quality, colorful and artsy. They focus on creating bikes that ride fast, take the impact, and look cool. In my opinion, they do a phenomenal job at it. Now that I've gone over a little about Zycle Fix, the history of fixed gear bikes, and what sets their bikes apart, I'm going to tell you about the people behind the brand.

The owner, Ike, is an amazingly talented and friendly guy. He puts tons of energy into making Zycle Fix the best that it can be. From helping make sure each bike is packed and shipped with the utmost attention to detail, to creating marketing materials, managing social media, and flying the world to meet with new potential clients and suppliers, he is the king of the Zycle Fix throne, and a guru when it comes to fixed gear bikes.

He runs Zycle Fix with a loyal group of supporters that make sure each and every customer is taken care of and treated with the utmost respect. With Ike behind the brand, Zycle Fix is making a huge splash in the world of fixed gear bikes, and will continue to lead the way in product development to the next generation of fixie enthusiasts.

Overall, Zycle Fix makes some amazing riding machines. Their fixed gear bikes are among the best available today, and they're on sale at a price that most can afford. If you're looking for a fun to ride and easy to maintain bike that will keep you in shape, keep you aware, awake and living in the present, then I highly suggest that you consider riding fixed gear with a Zycle Fix Bike. You can see our selection of Zycle Fix Bikes by clicking



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